Jordan DeVoy Captures ICEBREAKER 100 at Dells Raceway Park

Jordan DeVoy in victory lane at Dells Raceway Park (Bruce Nuttleman photo)

Bobby Kendall of Montello, WI and Jacob Goede of Carver, MN would bring the field to green for the first super late model race of the 2022 season in Wisconsin The Alive for 5 Series ICEBREAKER 100. Goede would grab the point from the outside pole and lead the first eight laps while Kendall just waited for the tires to heat up and make his charge to the front on lap nine. Kendall would pace the field for the next fifteen laps with Goede in tow followed by Max Kahler of Caledonia, IL Devoy and Casey Johnson of Edgerton WI. As the action heated up it was DeVoy and Johnson on the move running down Kendall and by lap 25 the door opened for the lead and DeVoy and Johnson would slip the race leader Kendall. By the halfway point of the race DeVoy would lead with Johnson filling his mirror and Jeff Storm of East Troy, WI third, Derek Kraus of Stratford, WI fourth and Austin Nason of Roscoe, IL rounding out the top five. As the race neared the 20 to go mark, Johnson’s motor started to give up sending the 2019 winner of the event to the pit area leaving Storm and Minnesota’s Dan Fredrickson to battle for second. As the laps wound down Jordan DeVoy would set sail and cruise to his first ever Alive for 5 Series win with Jeff Storm settling for second, Dan Fredrickson third, Austin Nason fourth and Derek Kraus rounding out the top five.

Earlier Action saw Ryan Farrell of Big Bend, WI fastest in qualifying with a mark of 13.197, Gabe Sommers of Plover, WI and Jordan Thiel of Appleton, WI were the winners of the odd/even qualifiers, Bobby Kendall and Jacob Goede were the winners of the odd/even fast dashes and Harley Jankowski of Sparta, WI was the winner of the last chance qualifier.

Results for 4/10/2022 at Dells Raceway Park – Wisconsin Dells, WI

Super Late Models 38 Entries

A Feature 1 100 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[6]; 2. 25S-Jeff Storm[8]; 3. 36F-Dan Fredrickson[13]; 4. 14N-Austin Nason[14]; 5. 9K-Derek Kraus[10]; 6. 15S-Gabe Sommers[17]; 7. 2T-Jordan Thiel[18]; 8. 11K-Bobby Kendall[1]; 9. 7D-John DeAngelis Jr[9]; 10. 47B-Braison Bennett[15]; 11. 72G-Jacob Goede[2]; 12. 21L-Jesse Love[7]; 13. 32B-Jesse Bernhagen[23]; 14. 70B-Brady Bill[19]; 15. 100S-Tristan Swanson[24]; 16. 2B-Michael Bilderback[20]; 17. 56G-Kole Guralski[25]; 18. 5B-John Beale[16]; 19. 95J-Harley Jankowski[21]; 20. 80F-Ryan Farrell[11]; 21. 5J-Casey Johnson[4]; 22. 44M-Justin Mondeik[5]; 23. 17K-Max Kahler[3]; 24. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[12]; 25. 34H-Brandon Hill[22]

B Feature 1 15 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 95J-Harley Jankowski[7]; 2. 34H-Brandon Hill[2]; 3. 31J-Corey Jankowski[10]; 4. 23L-Levon VanDerGeest[4]; 5. 100M*-Aaron Marthaler[8]; 6. 33H-Matthew Henderson[13]; 7. 91T-Cole Thomas[9]; 8. 00P-Chris Pulera[6]; 9. 2N-Dale Nottestad[1]; 10. 40T-Curt Tillman[5]; 11. 49M-Jerry Mueller[3]; 12. 24O-Jim Olson[12]; 13. 22G-MG Gajewski[14]; 14. 16W-Luke Westenberg[11]

Qual Heat Odd 10 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 15S-Gabe Sommers[1]; 2. 70B-Brady Bill[3]; 3. 32B-Jesse Bernhagen[2]; 4. 56G-Kole Guralski[4]; 5. 2N-Dale Nottestad[6]; 6. 49M-Jerry Mueller[8]; 7. 40T-Curt Tillman[7]; 8. 95J-Harley Jankowski[5]; 9. 91T-Cole Thomas[9]; 10. 16W-Luke Westenberg[10]

Qual Heat Even 10 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 2T-Jordan Thiel[1]; 2. 2B-Michael Bilderback[3]; 3. 34H-Brandon Hill[4]; 4. 23L-Levon VanDerGeest[6]; 5. 00P-Chris Pulera[10]; 6. 100M*-Aaron Marthaler[8]; 7. 31J-Corey Jankowski[9]; 8. 24O-Jim Olson[7]; 9. 100S-Tristan Swanson[2]; 10. 33H-Matthew Henderson[5]

Fast Heat Odd 10 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 11K-Bobby Kendall[1]; 2. 17K-Max Kahler[3]; 3. 44M-Justin Mondeik[2]; 4. 21L-Jesse Love[5]; 5. 7D-John DeAngelis Jr[7]; 6. 80F-Ryan Farrell[8]; 7. 36F-Dan Fredrickson[6]; 8. 47B-Braison Bennett[4]

Fast Heat Even 10 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 72G-Jacob Goede[1]; 2. 5J-Casey Johnson[2]; 3. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[5]; 4. 25S-Jeff Storm[3]; 5. 9K-Derek Kraus[8]; 6. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[6]; 7. 14N-Austin Nason[7]; 8. 5B-John Beale[4]

Qualifying 1 3 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

1. 80F-Ryan Farrell[32]; 2. 9K-Derek Kraus[22]; 3. 7D-John DeAngelis Jr[29]; 4. 14N-Austin Nason[13]; 5. 36F-Dan Fredrickson[30]; 6. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[31]; 7. 21L-Jesse Love[34]; 8. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[38]; 9. 47B-Braison Bennett[25]; 10. 5B-John Beale[33]; 11. 17K-Max Kahler[37]; 12. 25S-Jeff Storm[28]; 13. 44M-Justin Mondeik[18]; 14. 5J-Casey Johnson[36]; 15. 11K-Bobby Kendall[14]; 16. 72G-Jacob Goede[6]; 17. 15S-Gabe Sommers[26]; 18. 2T-Jordan Thiel[15]; 19. 32B-Jesse Bernhagen[4]; 20. 100S-Tristan Swanson[20]; 21. 70B-Brady Bill[24]; 22. 2B-Michael Bilderback[10]; 23. 56G-Kole Guralski[16]; 24. 34H-Brandon Hill[3]; 25. 95J-Harley Jankowski[21]; 26. 33H-Matthew Henderson[23]; 27. 2N-Dale Nottestad[7]; 28. 23L-Levon VanDerGeest[27]; 29. 22G-MG Gajewski[19]; 30. 24O-Jim Olson[9]; 31. 40T-Curt Tillman[5]; 32. 100M*-Aaron Marthaler[1]; 33. 49M-Jerry Mueller[17]; 34. 31J-Corey Jankowski[11]; 35. 91T-Cole Thomas[8]; 36. 00P-Chris Pulera[12]; 37. 16W-Luke Westenberg[2] 38. Riley Stenjem (DNS)